The Tiger Cub Sports program aims to educate children between the ages of 3-5 by putting the ‘FUN’ in fundamentals of movement. Teaching key skills to support sport, dance, gymnastics and other physical recreation activities that we all know and love!

We believe fundamentals should remain consistent throughout the program. Progression/regression through overall objectives will be based on maturational development (not just chronological age) and technical/tactical ability.

As well as AFL football and health and wellbeing education, each session will take participants on a journey. Our clinic coaches will cover multiple sports, teaching the fundamental skills such as catch, kick, run, vertical jump, overhand throw, ball bounce, leap, dodge, punt, strike.

Tiger Cub Sports returns in Term 2, 2024, beginning Friday 19th April. Sessions are held weekly on Friday’s here at 9.30am at Community Bank Stadium.