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Child Care

About child care

Nillumbik Leisure childcare

Nillumbik Leisure offers a fully qualified childcare team across three of our major facilities that will provide your little one with engaging, quality care in an interactive and secure environment for children up to 10 years of age.

The childcare facilities have a range of games, toys and equipment to keep children happy while you exercise.

Do you to need to be somewhere else? No problem. You don’t need to be in the Centre to use the childcare services – enquire about our Occasional Care today.

We offer childcare at the following Nillumbik Leisure centres:

How to enrol your child in childcare

3 easy step process

Review the enrolment letter: Get familiar with the information regarding our childcare facilities.

Complete an enrolment form: You must complete an enrolment form with all the parent/guardian information as well as the child.

Review our policies:  Please be sure to review all policies and procedures before registering your child.

Diamond Creek Community Centre Childcare

From engaging games to creative activities, Diamond Creek Community Centre Childcare team offer a dynamic blend of fun and education, fostering growth and imagination in every little one.

Diamond Valley Sports and Fitness Centre Childcare

Diamond Valley Sports and Fitness Centre’s childcare team aim to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere where children can flourish and reach their full potential with confidence.

Eltham Leisure Centre Childcare

Our dedicated team at Eltham Leisure Centre provide a nurturing environment tailored to each child’s developmental stage, ensuring they thrive in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

With a large indoor and outdoor childcare space, there is something for every little one.

Opening hours

Day Session 1 Session 2
Tue 9:00am – 10:25am 10:25am – 11:30am
Wed 9:00am – 10:25am 10:25am – 11:30am
Fri 9:00am – 10:25am 10:25am – 11:30am
DaySession 1Session 2
Thurs9:00am – 10:25am10:30am – 11:30am
DaySession 1Session 2
Mon9:00am – 10:10am10:10am – 11:30am
Tues9:00am – 10:10am10:10am – 11:30am
Wed9:00am – 10:10am10:10am – 11:30am
Fri9:00am – 10:10am10:10am – 11:30am

What you need to know

A completed enrolment from must be brought in either prior to, or on the first day of your child’s attendance at our Service. You also need to supply a copy of your child’s immunisation certificate or proof of exemption.

Immunisation Status Certificates can be obtained by contacting the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 or This certificate can be emailed direct to the Centre

Bookings can be made by calling or visiting the Centre and can be made up to one week in advance.

  • Childcare – parent/guardian does not leave the Centre. This is free for current membership holders
  • Occasional Care – parent/guardian may leave the Centre. This incurs a cost per child/per session

Membership holders and swim school membership holders – Free
(Fitness Passport not included)

  • One child single session – $9.80
  • Family single session – $17.20
  • Occasional care 1 hour – $17.70
  • Occasional care 2 hours – $32.00

Cancellation of your booking must be received by 7:30am on the day of your booking – earlier if possible. A noncancellation/no-show fee of $5 per child per session will be applied to your Centre account and is payable upon your next attendance, or if you have a visit pass; a visit may be used, if cancellation is not received on time.

Your child will need the following items whilst attending Childcare:

  • A healthy snack (children will often eat a healthier option when surrounded by their peers, regardless of age. Fruit, yoghurt, vegie sticks and dips are great options). Please remember our “no nut” policy
  • A water bottle (we provide spare cups for the occasions when it is forgotten).
  • A change of clothes (we strongly believe in children learning through play as it fosters curiosity,
    experimentation and imagination whilst engaging all their senses).
  • Nappies and wipes if your child is still in nappies.
  • A comfort item if you think this will assist your child

The following Policies and Procedures are available to in Centre’s Childcare service.

  • Childcare Policy
  • Enrolment Policy
  • Payment of Fees Policy and Fee Schedule
  • Arrival and Departure Policy
  • Anaphylaxis Policy
    Illness and Infectious Diseases Policy
  • Interactions with Children Policy
  • Sun Protection Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Childcare Evacuation Procedure
  • Medical Conditions Policy

Full Nillumbik Membership holders have reciprocal rights across all three Childcare sites – Diamond Creek Community Centre, Diamond
Valley Sports and Fitness Centre and Eltham Leisure Centre.

If you hold a Diamond Creek membership you will only have free access to Diamond Creek Community Centre Childcare.
Enrolment and immunisation information for your child is required for each service your child is attending

All childcare educators working in the Childcare are required to have a Certificate 3, Diploma or Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, as well as First Aid, CPR, Asthma, Anaphylaxis and Working with Children Checks

Our children’s program is developed to accommodate the variety of ages and abilities of all children in our care and is based on The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

We aim to assist children to become independent learners through quality care and an educational program.

Our team of Educators work together to develop a monthly program, that is reviewed and adapted on a daily basis to support the changing
needs and interests of the children.

Photographic reflections are displayed in our reflection journal. Parental input is highly valued at our service. Please speak with Educators, and we will implement your ideas where possible.

The safety of the children in our care is of the utmost importance. Children are only permitted to be collected by a person who has been listed on a child’s enrolment form.

For more details or to add additional people to this list after enrolment has commenced, please see one of our Childcare Educators.

To minimise the spread of potentially infectious diseases between children, and centre staff, Child Care Educators may exclude children who they deem too ill to attend. This is at the discretion of the Educators and Centre Management. More information is available in our Infectious Diseases Policy.

Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. We ask families not to bring nut based products, to avoid possible exposure to children with allergies who may attend our service.

Children with Allergies/Anaphylaxis/Asthma/Diabetes are required to notify our childcare Educators and to provide an Action Management Plan form signed by a medical professional. We will also ask you to sign a Risk Minimisation Plan specific for your child.

A copy of our Anaphylaxis policy and our Medical Conditions policy are available on our communication board in Centre and can be found on our website above.

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