Personal Training

Personal training

Access your full potential.

Achieve your health and fitness goals with personal training

Whether your goal is to enhance your overall fitness, achieve weight loss, improve wellness, engage in functional training, build muscle, or undergo rehabilitation, our personal trainers possess the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

We offer access to personal trainers at the following Nillumbik Leisure centres:

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Meet our personal trainers


Nothing is as important as your health. If you feel good, and move well, you feel equipped to tackle what life might throw at you.


I believe that everyone should be able to access their body’s full potential.

Bree Paynter

From a young age, exercise has been my foundation to maintaining good mental and physical health.


I use the most effective training methods (HIRT – High Intensity Resistance Training).


Physical training is at times, the first path we choose to take when deciding we want to begin the journey of health & healing.


I have a strong passion for helping people feel better and more confident in not only their body composition.

Emily Chiechi

Through helping my clients achieve their goals and do better each week in a supportive and positive environment.


Achieving a good level of fitness is key to a healthy life


I strive to be able to not only train but also educate clients on how to be the best version of themselves through exercise.

Mackenzie Graham

Achieving a good level of fitness is key to a healthy life

Manish Vadechellum

I have a passion in sports and training and hope to inspire other people to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Why do so many of us fail to prioritise our own health? We set our own needs aside to care for others.

Sam Burgess

I have a strong passion for helping others to achieve their individual goals and feel more confident.